Desert Dynasty Lottery.jpg





Start - Sep. 7th, 2021 @12am (MT)

End - Oct. 4th, 2021 @7pm (MT)


1. Purchase 1 of these 2 songs on Amazon or iTunes for $1.29

    "HardEarnCash - GUN SMOKE"

    "Vinny Costello - SLOW MOTION"

2. Take a screen shoot of your purchase receipt.

3. Email screen shot to

    Put your full name & "LOTTERY" in the subject line.

4. You will receive a number which is your lottery entry.  

5. Follow us on Facebook @DesertDynasy to see if your number is the lucky

    number pulled!


1. Must be 18 or Older.

2. Must have Paypal , Cash App or Zelle if not located in Tucson.

3. Screen shoot of receipt must show date of purchase.

4. Email must have your "FULL NAME & LOTTERY" in the subject line. Attach

    your screen shot to email and put your phone number plus

    your social media in the email.

5. Participants who purchase from iTunes are allowed 1 purchase as 2 valid

    entries. Participants who purchase thru Amazon are allowed 1 purchase per

    day as 1 valid entry.

6. Drawing will be done Oct. 4th @7:10pm (MT) on @DesrtDynasty520

    Facebook Live. Desert Dynasty will announce the winner daily on Facebook

    until prize is claimed.

7. If you are declared the "Winner" you have 14days to claim your prize or prize      is forfeited.

8. No team members or artist of ArKana Entertainment LLc can participate in



1. Drawing will be done Oct.4th @7:10pm (MT) on @DesrtDynasty520

    Facebook Live.

2. Desert Dynasty will announce the winner daily on Facebook until prize is


3. Each participant is allowed 1 iTunes purchase which counts as 2 valid entries.

4. Each participant is allowed 1 Amazon purchase per day which counts as 1 valid

    entry for each purchase.

5. Each entry will be associated with a number which will be in the order of each

    participant entry.

6. All entries will be placed in a bowl and 1 lucky winner will be pulled out the