TUCSON MUSIC CONNECTION is where local artist in tucson can get connected and get updates for opening for Industry Artist in Tucson!  For joining artist will also get meet and greets with industry artist, exclusive deals/discounts and freebies.


Industry Artist need opening acts for their shows. What a lot of Artist don't understand is that opening for different artist is how you get your foot thru the door, grow your fan base and get paid shows. Your job as an up & coming artist to building your awareness/fanbase and the best way to do that in your city is perform and open for artist every chance you can get. After a while you will have a list of industry artist that you can say you opened for so when a potential venue who is thinking about booking you to perform ask who have you opened for, you will have a list of qualified industry names that you can give.

Also industry Artist Like to help up & coming Artist who show they have that drive, it reminds them of the hunger they had when they first started and how they was just looking for somebody to give them an opportunity. Some industry Artist look to do features with up & coming Artist (especially non current industry Artist) who have a following in their town. They also look to do features because the up & comers are the fresh new talent and their looking to gain some of your fans same as you looking to gain some of their fans.

We have 4 options for Artist to open. We will also have exclusive meet and greets with the industry artist. Artist will get their name added to main flyer with Industry artist once the artist slot is locked in  



1. No money down ticket option

2. Cashing Out tickets

3. Buying slot

4. Buying a Co-headliner slot


Remember your drive, grind and work you put in determines the out come of your career. There is no excuse when you have an option to open and don't have to spend a dime, so how driven are you?

If your interested in joining the TUCSON MUSIC CONNECTION click the button or email us at ArKanaEntinfo@gmail.com with your stage name and social media links. PUT " TUCSON MUSIC CONNECTION" IN THE SUBJECT LINE!

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